From Ciara(owner/creator of Denim and Me)

Throughout the year Denim and Me tries to donate burpcloths, blankets, nursing pads, bibs, and other items to various organizations that are in need. We hand deliver or ship to both local and out of state hospitals, birthing clinics, women's shelters, foster groups, churches, families in need, etc. The list never ends, which in all honesty I personally do try to help as many as possible. 

For years, all baby items were made and created by me personally but within the last few years I've had numerous teenagers wanting to earn community service hours and volunteer their time to help out. Not only does this assist them with applying for scholarships or serving others in need but it always teaches them life skills. It's surprising how many teenagers and adults don't know how to sew, so when we do create items for donations this is a great experience for all involved. 

I know when I had my daughter Denim at the hospital we were given a receiving blanket that was made and donated by a local lady in town. To this day, I still have it in Denim's keepsake box. It was such a kind gesture and I'm grateful that my own daughter Denim now gets to help out when we do donations. I hope Denim learns to appreciate all she is given and that she will continue to help out those in need well after she grows up and leaves our home.  

If you would like to donate it is very much appreciated. I have set up our checking out process now to where you can "tip" a certain amount on your purchase during checkout. The money added will go towards the donations will not not go to me personally. You can also donate through various apps such as Venmo, Paypal, or mail directly to Denim and Me. Please message for more details.  The money donated goes towards supplies such as fabric, thread, packaging, etc. This has always been done by me personally out of my own personal account which trust me I am grateful that I am able to help those in need but I can no longer personally fund for the amount of baby items needed which continue to grow each year.

If you can't donate but know of someone or a group in need of these items please feel free to message us. 

I hope this continues to grow and I promise to do better to try and add more photos on our blog to keep everyone updated on new items being made and donated. It would also be wonderful to see all the smiling faces behind the scene helping out in the process. 

Thank you again. 

Denim and Me

Venmo: @DenimandMe *Please make sure it is Ciara Harmon with the Denim and Me logo shown.