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Nursing Pads



Nursing Pads---- Truth be told, I didn't start making nursing pads originally in my gift sets. A friend asked me to create some for her and I'm glad I took the advice of a dear friend who told me years ago, literally years ago that I needed to make them and sell them. So, "Thank you Christy Kelly cause you were like my number one customer for nursing pads and made me realize that other mommies wanted something more natural, cute, and COMFORTABLE!"  

For the last couple years though nursing pads were sold in my larger gift sets but probably in the last year I've had numerous women ask if I could start selling just nursing pad gift sets and I'm so happy I'm doing that because they are most certainly keeping me busy. 

The best thing is the pads are re-usable and the soft flannel side you can put cream medication on it and still put on your boobs. 

Perfect for any baby shower gift or a coming home gift from the hospital! You don’t want to miss out as most items seen in Denim and Me sell out quickly and most likely will not be restocked.

Our nursing pads are always a fun wonderful gift to give to any mommy before/after delivery. Even if you are not sure mommy will be nursing these still make great gifts to give because lets just admit it...Our breast are sore after birth and pregnancy whether you are able to nurse or not and these pads make for a great comfort gift.

These nursing pads are layered with organic fleece and terry cloth for extra protection then a soft flannel fabric is finished to be used to placed up against breast for comfort. They are thick and perfect for nighttime wear or daytime. 1 pair of pads will be slightly thinner and perfect for daytime use. With not as much thickness as the other design these can be worn throughout the day. As you wear and wash our nursing pads they will naturally change shape to fit breast for easy wear.

Nursing Pad Gift Set Includes:
2 pairs of nursing pads
FREE- 1 pair of nursing pads

I can't wait to list more fun designs!


Here is some pictures below of what I mean when I say I'm making LOTS of nursing pads! I do take custom request and my most popular designs are floral, boho gyspy, woodland, and star wars. 

As you can see I have a lot of sewing to do.....

This orange bowl below is my most favorite tool to use as a pattern for my nursing pads. Seriously, when I first started I tried making a simple paper circle pattern well that didn't work so I tried a cup and a couple bowls but found this bowl I think at Walmart or DollarTree and no joke it has been the best circle for years! 


My Story about Breastfeeding:

Usually talking about boobs are pretty fun but lets be honest when it comes to the struggles of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the result of after pregnancy boobs, well it's not always a fun topic to talk about.

I wasn't able to breastfeed with any of my children which was emotionally hard to take in. When I was pregnant with Denim my daughter, I was expecting to breastfeed like all my other mom friends were at the time but after she was delivered I wasn't able to. My milk never produced and my boobs actually bleed, it was not pretty or comfortable at all.

I actually felt horrible at the hospital because the nurse kept trying to help me get my daughter to latch and just wasn't happening and of course my newborn baby wasn't happy and I felt totally defeated. I even felt more awful after coming off all the meds and my husband said they actually tried getting my daughter to latch on but I was so exhausted and out of it from the emergency c-section that he had to feed her the first time with the bottle. True story, I joke about it now saying, "They were playing with my boobs and I didn't even know it." (Sometimes you just gotta joke about a situation to make it better)

 At home I stood in the shower crying pushing on my boobs trying to get them to drain, I did the whole cabbage leaves, and I think I did every weird piece of advice every experienced mom told me to do to relive the pain. Then when I got out of the shower and I'm sure you other moms can agree this happened to you. I'd look down and my boobs were seriously squirting off like a water gun but pointed in all different directions. It was crazy!

Unfortunately, one of my boobs got infected and the doctor told me it looked I hadn't been taking care of them properly which was probably true I was new to this whole mommy thing and I really wasn't sure how to care for them. I was using the disposable nursing pads like crazy and they weren't very comfortable at all so I ended up sleeping at night with a towel between my boobs and then cutting up an old shirt to put in my bra during the day until they finished draining and healed. 

It hurt both physically and emotionally cause I had already had years of trying to get pregnant, then we had an emergency c-section with Denim so I didn't get to experience that part of motherhood, so not being able to breastfeed really caused me to feel awful. It's ok it really is cause I still love being a mom and even after the other two children were born via c-section and still drank formula... guess what my kids still all pick their nose and eat dogfood just like other kids so I guess I did ok, right? lol...

Let me just say moms who do breastfeed "YOU ARE AMAZING!" I never understood how a woman could spend so much time as a new mommy just breastfeeding!!! I'm not being rude in any way but breastfeeding is some work! I don't know how you do it!!! I don't know how moms juggle everyday mom life and conquer breastfeeding/pumping as well. Don't get me wrong feeding a baby with bottled formula still is a huge accomplishment and I'm so grateful my babies took to the bottle easily. I would like to say though if you were like me and wasn't able to breastfeed you can still use these nursing pads to keep your boobs comfortable after pregnancy. I have women who have bought them and run them under warm water and just rest them on their boobs to relive the pressure.

What I'm saying though is I had no idea what was going to happen to my breast after delivery and I'm sure most of us can agree no one knows until we experience it ourselves. I know it was a hard struggle for me and if it was for you feel free to comment below or tell your story... Also, if you got any tips to help any of us moms out on how to deal with leaking boobs, swollen, or cracked, or any of the other joys that come from breastfeeding please feel free to share!!





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 PLUS--- Any 3 people who purchase any of our Nursing Pads within the next 24 hours I will include in the package 1 FREE surprise burpcloth, bib, and washcloth gift set valued at $19.50!! 

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