Mommy of the Month-September

Mommy of the Month-September

This mommy of the month is... Allysa Williams from Az... the person who nominated her asked to be anonymous 😀

 “Allysa is an amazing person and although she doesn’t think she is doing a good job sometimes at being a nurse, friend, wife, sister, mother, cousin, and the list goes on and on, well SHE IS!!! She is doing a better job then she thinks and everyone around her agrees.

 In case you didn’t know Allysa just finished nursing school which is not easy and she did it even with that long list of duties and responsibilities listed above.

She is also a great role model to her kids and family.  She is hardworking and puts her whole heart into everything and I wish her the best with her future in nursing and hope she becomes a great nurse in labor and delivery like she wants to be. Allysa your children are watching and maybe it doesn’t seem like it at times but they love you so much.”

Congrats Allysa- Allysa will receive $100.00 in store credit to shop with Denim and Me and the person who nominated her will also receive $25.00. If you would like to nominate someone please email 

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