Mommy of the Month- May

Mommy of the Month- May


If you don't know me personally let me introduce myself, my name is Ciara(owner/creator of Denim and Me) and don't take anything I say seriously. I joke around alot, like for example, I'm pretty sure all us moms are dealing with the stay at home orders and homeschooling so I know: I never want to be a teacher so high five to all the wonderful teachers out there and especially to the ones who have taught my children before because this mommy/teacher is about to put herself in timeout. haha. I have realized I don't ever want to get stuck on a deserted island with my family without any of life's everyday comforts. Oh and yes I have realized my cooking everyday sucks! 

I know there is so much going on in the world today so although I joke about being a mom right now I am so grateful for my family and my 3 crazy little kids. Every night I kiss them goodnight and hope someday they understand how much I truly love them... I know this Mothers Day may be hard for a lot of mothers so remember I love you all and we got this moms! Since most of us will be home with our loved ones this holiday make the most of it and just have a great time! Feel free to comment below what your Mother's Day plans are or even tell us what your best memory of this holiday has been for you in the past. I would love to hear from you!

So...Mommy of the Month....

The nomination for this month was made by Kandis Williams and she nominated JACKIE RICHARDS!!!


From Kandis: "I want to nominate Jackie Richards for mommy of the month. Jackie is an Upline to my makeup business and she is the best leader to our team.To give you some perspective… she is now one of only SIX artists company wide who have achieved elite influencer. Out of roughly 9,500 artists that’s like the tippity top of this business (we’re talking top 0.05%).

She SERVES and SERVES her team. She mentors and guides them and it’s by lifting so many up that she is leads a team of over 1200 artists!

Jackie just recently had a baby girl and suffers from DMER. She is pushing through like a champ! She has a little boy, who just adores her. She has arthritis and doesn’t let it get her down! She lost her Father last year and is so positive and stays motivated for her team and followed. She is honestly the best person inside and out! She is always so accepting and makes it a point to Make you feel special. She deserves the spotlight"



Denim and Me personally wants to say thank you to all you amazing mothers out there and we of course want to tell everyone to stay safe and thank you to everyone who is keeping America rolling everyday during the COVID-19. 

*** If you would to nominate someone to be our next Mommy of the Month please click the "Contact Us" tab or email us 

The mommy who is selected and featured will be able to spend $100.00 within our Denim and Me online boutique. No cash will be given. The person who nominated them will also be allowed $25.00 to shop with as well***

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