Mommy Of The Month- March

Mommy Of The Month- March

I'm so happy to announce that the Mommy of the Month for March is Shelby Nicole McClure and she was nominated by her mother in law Traci.
From Traci:
"I would like to nominate my daughter In law Shelby Nicole McClure for the mom of the month. 
Her bravery and love for my grandchildren is beyond measure.  I am sure every nomination has stated this as well.  The reason I feel she deserves recognition is for many reasons. 

Their first child Isaiah blessed us  May 13th of 2015.  He is a light in our life that keeps us running from dawn til dark. He is funny and loving and amazing from top to bottom. And as his Gigi - I can certify he is absolutely perfect and does no wrong 😂

Then in June of 2016 we were told we would be having another grand baby in January - we couldn’t wait.  At 20 weeks they did an anatomy scan - something wasn’t right - the baby that we were told was a boy - had something wrong. We went to a specialist and then another. We found out that the baby had no kidneys which is called potters syndrome.  We were told that the baby would not “compatible with life” and after being born would not live.  They were offered to terminate but neither wanted that. We all prayed and hoped for a miracle and a misdiagnosis - we researched - we prepared. They wanted to try to have as normal a pregnancy as possible. She was seen almost weekly - juggling a toddler and he was thriving.
Eventually through genetic testing we found out that he was actually a girl - Trinity lynn was her name.  Through out the whole pregnancy she just kept on hoping and praying health and growth.  Both the kids just kept faith of God’s will. They struggled some days more then others.  They tried to keep things normal day to day. We had a baby shower which was more a celebration of life a month before she was born.  It was difficult to say the least.
January 13 2017 she came - for 2 hours and 50 minutes - we loved her with a lifetime of love.  
Sweet little Trinity

Enduring all of that and still keeping up with a toddler was physically and emotionally exhausting but Isaiah didn’t know and still doesn’t understand the turmoil that went on around him.  He was the one that kept her moving forward- we miss her - we celebrate with her on holidays and her birthday.
That brings us to January of 2018 - 1 week before her heavenly birthday - we found out we were going to have another baby. She was roughly a month pregnant - but we felt it was Trinity’s gift to us.

To say we were all scared to death was an understatement- but we all took a deep breath and prayed again. 20 week check came and everything was good! But we still worried - they didn’t want to Find out the sex of the baby so on August 28, 2018 we welcome Abigail Rose to our lives.

I can’t imagine the pain. The pain was hard enough to watch as a parent. To know we were helpless to fix it for her or for our son or for our grandson. We miss Trinity with all our hearts.  We always will.  But their faith and courage and strength also gave us Abigail.  I’m not sure if I was in their position if I would of been able to do what they did. Or have their faith and courage.  I am blessed to have a daughter that loves my son with all she is - that loves my grandchildren with all she is - and that blessed me with all 3 of their children."-Traci McClure
I don't know about you other Mommies but this story certainly brought a tear to my eye. What a brave family and what beautiful children. Shelby you are an amazing Mommy! 
Shelby will receive $100 store credit to use within our online boutique and Traci will receive $25 for nominating her! 
If you would like to nominate someone please send your nomination with a couple pictures if possible to 
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