Mommy of the Month- June

Mommy of the Month- June


It's summertime...FINALLY!!! As you enjoy the heat please enjoy reading this month's Mommy of the Month.... Katelyn Stojanovic!!! She was nominated by her sweet friend Auri Marcus. 

Message from Auri- "For Mommy of the Month, I’m nominating my best friend, Katelyn. Katelyn came into my life a little over six years ago as she was dance captain on a cruise ship contract that I was joining as a replacement a few months late. The cast, who had already formed a quick bond, was putting in an order for matching jackets. Before she even knew me, Katelyn reached out to make sure that, though I wasn’t yet part of the team, I felt included (truth be told, the jacket wasn’t my favorite, but I was so moved by her thoughtfulness I couldn’t say no!)

Katelyn’s also the person who always makes herself feel right at home – the first time we ever ate together, she asked me if I was going to finish my French fries (little did I know that when I looked down, her finger was already touching the exact fry she wanted.) She is funny, overly kind and determined. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have something nice to say about her – she is the ambitious-yet-wholesome Midwest girl that everyone loves to love (although I’m proud to say she definitely curses a little bit more now that I’m in her life.)

Five years ago, she and I made the transition from ship life to land life and, had it not been for her undying and unwavering support, I quite literally would not be where I am today. From helping each other apply for our dream jobs, navigating international romance, marriage and spousal immigration (oh my!) to purchasing our first homes – I could not have ever asked for a better cheerleader in my corner. She is the definition of a woman who lifts up other women and refuses to compete with anyone other than herself. It is my honor to be included in her pregnancy and perhaps that’s why it’s so challenging for me to watch the person who deserves to have it all face such uncertainty.  

Katelyn, who is now 33 weeks pregnant, is a first-time mom-to-be and both she and her husband have lost their income due to COVID-19. Mother’s Day would have been her baby shower – a date we deliberately picked to rewrite happy memories as Katelyn lost her own mother as a teen. I am devastated we can’t all be together but am so grateful they are safe. Despite the fear, Katelyn continues to be an incredible role model and friend – and I can’t wait to be by her side (or 6 feet away) as she becomes the world’s greatest mother."

***Aww what an awesome friend to have and congrats sweet Katelyn we all hope you and baby are doing well. Katelyn will be given $100.00 in store credit to use with Denim and Me and Auri will be given $25.00 in store credit as well. Only valid at Denim and Me online boutique store. If you would like to nominate someone please email for more details***

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Wow, what a beautiful nomination. It could be the hormones running wild, but that has brought me to tears. Thank you dearly to Auri Marcus for putting me forward and Denim and Me for choosing me! I am honored to be recognized. I would also love to share our bundle of joy has arrived! Luka Aiden Stojanovic made his debut June 5th 2020 weighing 5lbs 13oz and 48cm long. My heart is overflowing with love, joy, and gratitude.


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