Mommy of the Month- February

Mommy of the Month- February

Does anyone else feel like the month of January was forever long and then February started and now you are all of a sudden behind on everything???? I swear that is what my life is like right now so I'm so sorry I'm 5 days behind yikes on the Mommy of the Month blog post. 

So the Mommy of the Month for February is..... JESSICA OSBORN!!!! She was nominated by her husband Adam and I just love what he wrote....

"I'm writing this to nominate my wife, Jessica, for the Mommy of the Month for February. I'm not sure I'm able to put into words how much she means to our little family or what all she really does, but I'll give it my best shot.

We have a three year old little girl, Laylah. Jessica has been a phenomenal momma to our babygirl from the moment she laid eyes on her. Jessica went through a scary delivery with Laylah, and I truly believe it only bonded her even more with Laylah. Not only does she rock being a mom, she also works a full time job as a Credentialing Staff Member at ARcare. She works tirelessly alongside me to help provide for our family, as well as helps to keep the household sane and never have I ever once heard her complain. She truly is amazing.


The biggest thing that I want to recognize my wife for is...becoming a twin mom. Something so rare, yet so rewarding...she makes it look to easy. She gave birth to our two twin boys; Oakley and Harley, in December of 2019. I cannot express how great she is with them. Through the sleepless nights, fussy moments, doctor appointments and all the chaos that comes with new babies, she still stands strong and beautiful.


Jessica is selfless, caring, and loves with her whole being. I know that a gift like this would for one: shock the mess out of her, two: really show her how much she means to our family, and three: make her completely giddy, she loves all things baby and "cute" Lol. I try to tell her daily how much I appreciate all she does, but I know I don't say it enough" - Adam 


Awww... I told ya right, this husband's story is so sweet and Jessica sounds like an amazing mother.... Jessica will receive $100 in store credit to shop with within our Denim and Me Boutique. Her husband will also receive $25 store credit as well for nominating her. Congratulations Jessica!!! 


*** If you would to nominate someone to be our next Mommy of the Month please click the "Contact Us" tab or email us 

The mommy who is selected and featured will be able to spend $100.00 within our Denim and Me online boutique. No cash will be given. The person who nominated them will also be allowed $25.00 to shop with as well***


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