Mommy of the Month- February

Mommy of the Month- February


I have been going back and forth on wanting to do this project where every month I can highlight as many moms as possible!

The only problem is...EVERY MOM IS AWESOME! 

It really is true that motherhood is the hardest job you will ever have and there is so many times you will feel discouraged, sad, mad, lonely, angry, happy, joyful, proud, and the list goes on and on... but I think all of us moms can agree we wouldn't trade it for anything.

I would love it for any one who would like to see a mom featured within my blog to please send me a short email. The mom can be a grandmother, mother, first time expecting mom... there's so much to motherhood and so many women who deserve a high five so let's do that here in the Denim and Me Blog.... Please include some pictures as well with your submission. For any mom who is featured they will receive $100 to use as store credit within the Denim and Me Boutique.

Submissions may be sent to: 

So.... Let's try this first run of a shout out to an awesome mom!

Today is actually this mom's birthday as well. So happy birthday to....


I have known this lady my whole life, no literally... we have been best friends forever and we're only a few months apart but yet so different in so many ways.

How we get along I really don't know sometimes cause she's almost 6ft tall...I'm proudly a little over 5ft. She's blonde, I'm brunette, she's a germ be gone type of gal and I'm a 20 second eat it off the floor kinda mom. We have different views on so many things but when we get together it's a fun time and usually there's some soda, licorice, and a Heath Ledger movie girls night with us is usually pretty laid back and fun! And yes we still do this in our 30's with kids..hahaha

Tina Weber has always been a great mom even before she officially began a mom to her daughter Kinsley she has always been the fun aunt and the cool babysitter. She truly loves children and she's a nurse as well so she not only is very busy in her career but motherhood and sleepless nights also keeps her busy. 

Another woman who is kill'n it at the mom stuff is Kacy and she was nice enough to send this about Tina:

"She’s a great mom because she puts Kinsley first before anything else. Kinsley has definitely brightened the world around her. It’s fun to see how excited she gets when she sees her mom. She is teaching her how to be strong and setting a great example."

Happy Birthday Tina! 

Below is picture of me and Tina at her baby shower. She was 37 weeks with her baby girl and I was so excited for her. I was only 33 weeks with my baby boy. It was great that she could finally experience being pregnant and we both had numerous nights of calling each other even with the timezone changes and talk on the phone and eat icecream!!!  Tina you ROCK!



Special Thanks to Kaptured Smiles Photography 

Special Thanks to Kacy Mangum 

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