Denim is in 1st Grade

I have a 1st Grader!!!

Summer is over and it is back to school...

I can't believe my little Denim is in 1st Grade this year and somehow magically I didn't break down and cry. Probably because I'm still in shock.

I tried to be a "cool" mom this year and have some cute pictures of my kids all standing next to each other for pictures ya know have Denim holding baby Conrad and Jameson standing next to them all cute and handsome.... well that didn't happen... At least Denim didn't mind getting her picture taken.


Denim looked so cute and grown up! Yikes... Seriously maybe now I'm gonna cry. Where did the time go.....

As for Jameson, if you haven't met my son well we describe Jameson as a cute little Dennis the Menace mixed with Chucky.  I thought he would hold the sign and give me one of his heart breaker smiles.

NOPE, not even close.

He barely even held the sign and while I took Denim's picture I looked over and he's peeing in the front yard. The best part is we live right across from the school so there was quite a few cars who got to see his act of watering the grass. For now Jameson goes to Daycare/Preschool 3 days a week and its a huge blessing but let's be honest public school fears him.  


Well I hope all of you amazing Mommies survived a wonderful 1st day of school. Feel free to comment and tell us all about your day! 

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