How Denim and Me Got Started

How Denim and Me Got Started

Once upon a time....yeah right... let's just cut straight to the chase on how Denim and Me got started.... I was pregnant with Denim and at the time and I'm being  honest here John and I were not financially ready for a baby let alone a girl because as soon as we found out we were having a girl I went on a shopping spree and my husband freaked!!! (Yep this is a true story) 

I'm sure there's lots of other mommies who can agree when you find out the sex of the baby and it's your first baby whether boy or girl you leave the ultrasound ready to shop. So that's what I did. I went shopping and spent more then my paycheck on baby girl stuff and when my husband found out, well lets just say he wasn't too happy. Happy we were having a baby, happy it was girl, not happy about seeing dollar signs flash before his eyes and before the baby was even born.

Now, my husband knew I was somewhat crafty so he was the one who mentioned the idea of sewing my own baby clothes and making headbands. We strolled on down to Walmart, bought me a cheap sewing machine, and I taught myself how to sew. I starting selling baby headbands, burpcloths, and bibs. I traveled from one craft show to the next around the state of Arizona with a newborn baby and a very patient husband who let me follow my dreams. I later started an Etsy store and boom... it's been almost 9 years later and here I am.

I fell in love with sewing and I am no professional by any means but I do love what I do. It's been some crazy years with a lot of ups and downs including everything from crying from happily succeeding to crying from having to shut down my store to take a break and reboot to now where I'm so proud to say that our "Everything Gift Set" we sell in our store is still one of the top handmade baby gift sets on Etsy. 

I'm more proud to say it's actually "HANDMADE" yes! That's right handmade by me. I put a lot of hours and sleepless nights into my work especially working around the schedule of a very busy hardworking husband, a now almost 9 year old, 5 year old, and an almost 3 year old....oh and let's not forget because I'm crazy I'm also going to back to school full-time. 

I want customers to know that I truly love what I do and hope to add more items to my storefronts in the future but most of all I love hearing the stories behind my customers purchases. I love seeing pictures and sometimes even meeting in person all the little smiley faces that are wearing my products. Thank you to all you mommies though for supporting me!!! 

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