Denim and Me hopes you had a fun and a very Merry Christmas!

Santa brought our family tickets to Sea World and I have to say my kids loved it!

We went between Christmas and New Years and the weather wasn't the greatest it was still cold and windy but it didn't stop us from having fun! We got to explore Sea World, San Antonio Aquarium, and The Do-Seum. i think my kids enjoyed the aquarium the most. It was very hands on and we went on a Friday morning so it was not busy at all. 


The San Antonio Aquarium has this amazing exhibit of parrots that you can feed and sit with. Denim loved it but Jameson did not. I wish I would have gotten better pictures of him but as you can see below he was not a fan of the birds landing on him. 

Sea World was just beautiful at night with all the lights and all though it was very cold and breezy we still bundled up in jackets and went to explore the park. Note to self make sure your phone is charged. I wished I would've have taken so many more pictures of the lights but I didn't plus I was holding Conrad most of the time cause he was cold and not wanting to ride in the stroller. 


If you need somewhere to stay for hotel or resort we stayed at the Hilton Hill Country Resort. We enjoyed it so much the rooms were nice and the bathrooms were huge which was great for this momma with three little kiddos. The resort had 3 pools which was heated and had numerous little fire pits where you can do smores. Of course it was too cold for us to brave smores so we just enjoyed pigging out on chocolate and marshmallows in the room. As you can tell below Conrad loved their blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

I highly recommend taking your family when the weather warms up especially with little kiddos but we still loved every minute. We are already excited about booking our next vacation!!! 

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