April Mommy Of The Month

April Mommy Of The Month

First of all I'm so sorry to keep all you waiting for this month's Mommy of the Month but I promise it was for a good reason.... Read on!!!

What makes an awesome mom worthy of being Mommy Of The Month?? Well first off, we are all bada**es trying to raise respectful little minions in this messed up world today (go moms!), BUT, I know a mommy to be who I think deserves Mommy of the month!

Kcee has been the most attentive, loving and fun stepmom and aunt to a plethora of nephews and a few nieces. If you were to ask all the kids, she’s probably their favorite 🤷🏼‍♀️. (But that’s ok because all of us sister in laws think pretty highly of her, too.) It’s not easy being a step mom, all the different struggles learning to co-parent and not over step boundaries. But she wears that hat proudly! She chose to love Wyatt unconditionally from day one and it shows in their bond today. Even though he isn’t hers biologically, you’d never know!

Kcee has always dreamed of becoming a mom, but unfortunately struggled with fertility issues and set backs. With the help of an amazing fertility doctor and wonderful family members, her dream is now coming true. Another sweet Henderson baby will be arriving Oct 2019! We are all over the moon and so in love with this baby already!

Not only does Kcee rock being a stepmom and wife, she also bakes desserts for a local restaurant, works a full time job in a family business, and also cooks every Thursday for the Lions Club. We all like to think of ourselves as superwoman and we all are in our own ways, but Kcee makes it look easy!


While I think there are so many moms worthy of being recognized, I’m pretty partial to my nomination. Despite the struggles and heartbreaks with infertility, she never slowed down, she never let it define who she is. We are so blessed to have Kcee. We love you Kcee and we can’t wait to meet that sweet little bundle of joy!!!!- Your family

Kcee will now receive $100 store credit to use within the Denim and Me store and the person who nominated her will receive $25 store credit!

Feel free to nominate a mommy by sending nominations to @denimandme@gmail.com

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